SKILLS TRAINING INFORMATION 2016-06-09T09:09:56+00:00

To date the Coopertive has put over 60 people through chainsaw training.  Wherever possible we try to source funding to subsidise this training to members.

The training we offer is:

  • 2 day Lantra Maintenance and cross cut course – for people who use a saw for processing their own wood
  • 5 day Lantra felling trees up to 380mm – for people who wish to fell trees in their own wood.  For those wishing to use the saw as part of their work an NPTC assessment is available at an extra cost.
  • Large tree and windblow courses are available on demand.

The Cooperative will keep members informed of woodland management courses that other organisations are offering.

Chainsaw courses are run on a demand basis.  We need 4 people to run a course.  If you have a training need – please contact us.