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The cooperative was formed out of the membership of the Kintyre farm woodlands Collaboration project.  The project facilitated over a 2 year period, a small group of woodland owners and workers to develop their understanding of small woodlands through training, workshops, study tours and practical demonstrations case/studies.

A small group of  small woods owners involved in the pilot,  formed the Cooperative in 2014 with the following objectives:

  1. To coordinate woodland management activity in harvesting, planting, selling and wood fuel.
  1. To advise on woodland/forest plans
  1. To encourage collaboration on advice, information, equipment and manpower
  1. To organise and run knowledge sharing events for woodland owners and workers
  1. To organise and run practical woodland/forestry skills courses.

Membership of the Cooperative will provide access to:

  • Collaborative opportunities on harvesting, selling woodland products and wood fuel
  • MyForest woodland planning software and advice on Forest Plans
  • Signpost to woodland management information and access to equipment and manpower
  • Reduced cost access to demonstration events and woodland skills courses

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